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 Dischordia took all but ONE!

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PostSubject: Dischordia took all but ONE!   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:27 pm

Dischordia may have stolen all the bands know to the universe, except, the One-Eyed Doll! Kimberly from the band has an addiction to blowing up things on the stage and thats exactly what is gonna happen to Dischordia. Next week marks the release of a new limited time only AC shop, a new release, new monsters, tank class is renamed to defender class and members will get a backstage pass!

In other exciting news:

We all know how daggers have suddenly went from onzies to twozies, but AE is working on a way to toggle the number of daggers you carry. Meaning you can switch from one dagger in your hand to two. Hopefully if their hunch is correct everyone will see the toggle occur and not just you.
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Dischordia took all but ONE!
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