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 Live Event Play-by-Play V3 (Contains Spoilers)

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PostSubject: Live Event Play-by-Play V3 (Contains Spoilers)   Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:10 pm

I was posting a live play-by play but my computer just broke from the war. Here's what I remember (after 8.32pm it's accurate):

8.00pm - Nothing yet.
8.04pm - The event s started
8.14pm - We reached 25% and are advancing to the next area.
8.18pm - Something happened that I can't remember atm. Oh its this: Artix said that there were 17k players online. It's OVER 9000!
8.19pm - Artix has been telling jokes over the Mod system for us to see.
8.21pm - War meter reached 50% and we move to the next zone.
8.32pm - War meter reached 75%. We enter next area and Kimberly shouts a very long BATTLE ON!
8.34pm- Everything ingame froze for me just after last post and its just been d/c.
8.35pm - Discordia is insulting us. Lag is getting very very bad.
8.36pm - It's SOOOOOOO laggy. Atm I'm lucky to attack. I'm not even getting the background music.
8.37pm - Artix says there are 29103 plyers online. Its over 29000! War meter is also at 80% (Been like this for a while, I blame the lagness).
8.40pm - Lag is so bad can't do a thing although the war meter ha finally increased to 86%. Lag has taken over and I got D/C again (number 5).
8.43pm - My internet broke from the lag. Currently reseting.
8.44pm - Zhoom says 17000 monster are being killed every 10 seconds. That's a lot of dead monsters.
8.46pm - Finally at Discordia! and Kimberly is shouting BATTLE ON! again.
8.47pm - Shocked Discordia's health is 11733- and there is over 30000 players online fighting him. (the - in the hp is a number I can't see as it's cut off)
8.50pm - Discordia's health is down too 91%. His health bar is now what was the war meter!
8.51pm - Don't ask me how they will replay this boss for people who miss the event.
8.52pm - Just been tld that his life is linked to every room on every server. That explains the lag. Currently at 73%.
8.54pm - Been froze since last post. With this lag it will take even longer.
8.55pm - Finally unfroze, attacked then froze again. Happens about every 10 seconds or more.
8.56pm - His hp is down to 61%. We're getting there.
8.57pm - Kimberly gave us a DOUBLE DAMAGE BUFF and the war meter hp is now at 46%.
8.58pm - Health bar says 42% left to g but his hp is still 11480- (the - in the hp is a number I can't see as it's cut off).
8.59pm - He's now down to 23% hp but it's still a large number.
9.01pm - Artix says nearly 31000 players online. Edit: Something is loading. Maybe we won?
9.04pm - Seems a lot of people got logged off. Me including, again.
9.05pm - L:ogged in but nothing is loading for anybody in the area, so can't get back to event.
9.07pm - Trying to get things loaded still. Just noticed that the server with the most plyersonline is... *drumroll* Cysero.
9.08pm - Back online and at the event. Taking a while to load.
9.09pm - Shocked Shocked MAJOR PLOT TWIST!. Discordia isn't the real Chaos Lord! It's Kimberly!
9.11pm - After that cutscene I'm now soooooo confused. Don't know what will happen next as there is nothing to say what we need to do now.
9.14pm - Artix says the lag is nearly gone. And it's nearly time to face the real Chaos Lord.
9.18pm - Have been frozen since last post and have just been d/c.
9.22pm - Internet exploded again. Trying to fix again.
9.24pm - Internets back. Chaos Lord here I come.
9.25pm - Jumping between servers to find one that will let me on and do things.
9.28pm - Back at the event. And there is a new cutscene. Also apparently ROCK can open rifts in time.
9.29pm - Now facing the Gary Pony Yellow. I think it's the Chaos Beast but I'm not sure.
9.31pm - Pony Gary Yellow's health bar has reached 0%. Currenlt waiting for something to happen.
9.33pm - Cutscene loading atm. Strange loaded to 100% then started loading again.
9.36pm - After pressing the wrong button the cutscene has finally loaded. This is what happens when you are u at 2.36am reporting a live play-by-play while you have to get up very early in the morning.
9.37pm - Currently fighting the bands drummer. Health down to 0% now. Cutscene any second now.
9.41pm - After another cutscene we are fighting the Bass player. Currently down to 29%.
9.42pm - Bass player has been defeated. Now we are fighting all three members of the band.
9.44pm - Zorbak is posting bad puns and One-Eyed Doll is still at 100%.
9.46pm - We are nearly there. Kimberly is at 64% now. There is probably n point in me going to bed after this since I have to get up at 8.
9.47pm - Galanoth says it's the best AQW boss yet. And I agree. Now down to 44%
9.49pm - Getting closer. Now at 38%
9.50pm - Now at 26%
9.51pm - Now at 19%
9.52pm - Down to 6% and Cysero is cracking jokes about sandwiches.
9.53pm - WHAT! She healed herself back up to 15% That's cheating!
9.54pm - We all brought her back down to 6% already. EDIT: She healed again up to 23%
9.55pm - Everything has frozen again. And the lag was gone. It must have been hiding.
9.56pm - Zorbak says that she is being unfair, which is his type of girl.
9.58pm - Been frozen since Zorbak's message. I blame hime for this. Also my internet seems like it might explode again.
10.00pm - Still frozen. Also it's now 3am for me and people in my house will be getting up in 4 hours.
10.01pm - Unfroze for a few seconds and the meter is down to 6% for the 3rd time.
10.02pm - Finally she's beaten. She sure likes to shout for a long time. And so that is how you become a famous rockstar.
10.05pm - Checking out the backstage sop now. Hopefully Mark will post a complete list but here is the general item types. There are house items to buy from Kimberly and the new enchantment from the quests available. I'm going to head here so I'm going now. Cya everyone and BATTLE ON!

Hope you guys apreciate this as the event started at 1am in UK not 9pm *cough*Mark is a lier*cough*. Event finished 2 hours after it started so I logged off at 3.10am UK time.

PS. I got d/c only 7 times.
PSS. I'm only going to get about 4 hours sleep now. I blame Mark.
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Live Event Play-by-Play V3 (Contains Spoilers)
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