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 Story Time!

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PostSubject: Story Time!   Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:27 pm

Once upon a time there was a bunch of seven year olds who gather with you and sometimes Cysero in a dark room in Yulgar's Inn at night to hear stories. And then you run out of stories but remember one! It was a refrence to Jack and th eBeanstalk that you have to re-live. Your going to attack ants, dust bunnies and a big cat to get a village to safety. But the key will be around the giant's neck in the next chapter next week, but it would have been easier to break cage door in.

Anyways here is a nifty little trick, once you have found a palce on J6's map, you will no logner need J6's map to get there. You can enter the SandSea area from the game map and choose one of the three locations instead of having the Map and Decoder clog up your space.

It was not much of a release but wha is a better release than telling storys to cute little seven year old boys? I would say THE RE-RISE OF SEPULCHURE COMING FOR HIS REVENGE ON DRAKATH ONLY TO BE TURNED INTO CHAOS LORD 7 AND FORCED TO ATTACK HIS OWN DAUGHTER! But yeah fairy tale lets go with that.

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Story Time!
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