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 A nice message from our favourite chaos lord Kimberly

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PostSubject: A nice message from our favourite chaos lord Kimberly   Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:57 pm

I asked our favourite Chaos Lord if she thinks more poeple will root for her or Voltaire and she replied:

On the contrary, I am excited to be doing the AQW event together with Voltaire and George Lowe! Smile The more the merrier! We're all in it for the fun.. Smile No competition, just happy love squishies for´╗┐ all!!!! Smile xo kimberly

Shes really nice, she even subscribed to me. Kimberly is an awesome Chaos Lord and voice actor and if you havn't subscribed to her youtube channel to hear FREE songs with Mp3 links then you should visit oneyeddollvideos and subscribe. Also you can leave her a message and it will most likely be answered. So George Lowe and Voltaire along with Kimberly = Melting, space ghost, teady bear faces!

Plus try and spot her running around in AQW the more the merrier as she has said.
I also asked Voltaire from who I am currently waiting for a reply.

Mark is out peace!

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A nice message from our favourite chaos lord Kimberly
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