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 New glitch found: Million Dollar Multiplier

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PostSubject: New glitch found: Million Dollar Multiplier   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:34 am

I was out Grizzlespit farming when all of a sudden I won a protector blade which was my aim. I continously sell them to get new items which are more expensive, fater. After selling one and raising m money to 80033 is suddenly raised to 90033 instantly in two seconds. I have no items worth exactly 10000 so this must be a glitch, so there you have I founded the Million Dollar Multiplier. Any time you see it just say you earned an MDM. This may only work with the Giant Protector Blade but could possibly work with others so be sure to keep an eye on your money!

Prior to the news check the upgrade shop in Battleon to find a new gun, the SG3000, it shoots lasers through bio-hazardous liquid. Oh and when I say it "shoots" lasers I mean it literally "shoots" lasers. Click on the liquid tank to watch this baby fire at an unsuspecting person. Although it can't be seen by everyone it sure is fun!
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New glitch found: Million Dollar Multiplier
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