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 Old site + Update = New sites?

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PostSubject: Old site + Update = New sites?   Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:20 am

Big Poaw update here. This PoAW website will be changing. It will no longer be a clan website but a gaming descussion website. The PoAW clan will still exist but in slightly different forms depending on the game, each with their own website.

COD PoAW is here.

WoW PoAW is here.

Other games won't be added atm but if enough people want to have a proper website for the games clan then it will most likely be made. Untill then all other PoAW clans and gilds will be hosted under the correct game on the forum.

The changes will take place over the next week or two but after that everything should be changed and up-to-date.
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Old site + Update = New sites?
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