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 Tercessuinotlim is back!

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PostSubject: Tercessuinotlim is back!   Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:00 am

It looks like someone updated Tercessuinotlim without anyone knowing again haha! Miltonius you rock! Although my friend met Miltonius once. He was kind of mean Anyways, I am the only person in existance with a screenshot of the MOD VERSION of Tercessuinotlim!


Speech Bubbles: These speech bubbles make travel needless as you can view Miltonius' quests and shops as well as Skew, The Twins, The Sneevil, Oblivion and others.

Xs and Os: This acts as a system directory, you can follow the check with the person you want to go to beside it to get to them. Their signs in other words.

Clueless Noob: I don't know why this noob of a member was asking me if I could get to Miltonius, obviously this clueless person couldn't see what was right above his head!
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Tercessuinotlim is back!
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