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 Bladehaven - All you have to do is upgrade, and pay!

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PostSubject: Bladehaven - All you have to do is upgrade, and pay!   Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:32 pm

Yes yes, we all agree the Squire status isn't exactly the best rank but you can either pay for everything in the store and unlock everything! Or you could use third party AEXtras, which is hihly UNRECOMMENDED! And I don't want you guys going to your mom saying "Mark told me to do it!" if your email adresses got hacked. Ok now as bad as the payment issues is Bladehaven is suprisingly easy. Xyo, aqw original player and animation extrodinare, defeated the Mighty Dragon on level 6 with only a squire sword, level 1 sheild and sheild spell. I have two mercenary gnomes, a level 6 sheild, a level 6 weapon and sheild spell and STILL can't do it. Theres gotta be some trick to it! Wink
Here are a few tips to help you!

Remember weapons are key components to any battle, weight decreases the amount of slashes you can get in, speed is how fast you can slash and damage is your basic minium damage to highest damage. You will most likely need to upgrade weapons.

Your sheild is your best friend and always there for you, so be there for it and don't use it for some hits, remember to letit recharge or recharge it with the Sheild Spell. Upgrading your sheild will make it more durable.

Your spells are one of your greatest weapons! At squire status you can recharge your sheild, x swipe and poison monsters, at mage level you can cause way more damage, more defense and heal (extremely difficult).

You can use one mercenary and one attack per battle so use yours at the right time!

Remember, each monster has a tell. Goons will attack after they are attacked or after you miss. Bosses will attack when you miss or just put up your sheild when you see them make a move. Each monster has different weapons, defense, HP and damage.

License & Permit:
Licenses and Permits are VERY useful in Bladehaven. It is highly recommended to get them for use against the Mighty Dragon.
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Bladehaven - All you have to do is upgrade, and pay!
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