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 Sonic the Hedgehog E.E.G. ZONE Guide

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PostSubject: Sonic the Hedgehog E.E.G. ZONE Guide   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:34 am

Ok a lot of people may get angry with the new Sonic as it has a fairly hard boss to beat. In fact I only know one person with the untouchable trophy/achievment so here's a guide.

1 - Wrecking Ball
This is pretty simple, get on the right platform and tartger attack Eggman twice, then after that he will start to do wrecking spiral attacks like in the first boss battle. If he does a spiral attack speed dash to the other side of the room quickly and attack from there.

2 - Pinball
This one is one of the most annoying, try to corner yourself into a wall and a weak spot on Eggman. If you succeed in it you will knock off of him about five times before he flys away. Although this is a hard technique and practice is key.

3 - Pillar Room
This is a simple to do task, avoid the pillars and hit Eggman! Eggman will glance at you from the top of the screen and move to a new location each with different pillar combinations. Try mostly to avoid them at first whilst studying them and if you don't think you can make it just don't head for it.

4 - Chasing Eggman
This is moderatly easy, avoid balls! Don't forget he has four types of goodies to throw out. Mines, Normal Balls, Fast Balls, Giant Balls. The thin you should really watch out for is the giant ball. Try to target jump over to Eggman and hit him as quick as possible but AVOID THE MINES AND BALLS!

At this point Eggman will pull off the bitchiest bitch move ever, juping into a gigantic robot! Just jump into him a couple of times (watch out don't attack when his arm is up) and when he flies up in the air when you know it's getting close to him coming back down jump and home attack out of the way. Repeat the process.

Normally this is the part where Eggman whines like a babe and flees but no his robot becomes faster, stronger and a pretty good darn dancer!
Once he fizzles up with electricity run to the other side of the room and prepare with a speed dash, when his legs go up let go and pray to your personal god you times it right. When he lifts off go dierectly to either side of the room and then run into the middle. Walk slowly after you reach the middle as he'll throw one of his fists! When his fist is coming down target attack it! Then run to the robot and attack it as much you can! Repeat Process. (May throw plasma balls and shoot a laser)

When a ground pound goes horribly out of control get away from the crossbow running around the screen and when he comes down QUICKLY attack him to end the battle.

I'm sure with some mastering you could defeat this without gettig any damage... Nah...
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Sonic the Hedgehog E.E.G. ZONE Guide
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