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 Para-Elemental Paradise!

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They should fix it
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PostSubject: Para-Elemental Paradise!   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:19 pm

Well Ledgermayne may not be the smartest Chaos Lord (I refer to his spreckeningz in the third person) but he is a drop goldmine. He has two armors, three healms and three weapons to drop! Make your mark on the Planes with the Para-Elemental set, or take control of mana with the Ledgermayne set, a hero are we? You can try and score the Supreme Arcane Staff! Yes it's back, it's slack and it's also been infused with the energy of Drakath himself as a bonus. You get the thanks of Drakath and save the day, if you can defeat this menacing monster. Problems with him are:

He doesn't give you time to run to pads
You auto attack accidently when on pad
Someone is in a pad with large items and you can't access pad
You attack him when hes charging his attack

Yes this Chaos Lord is a bad example for AQW but what the hay, drops are good! And hes not INVINCIBLE! So go ahead and try.

AQW once again listened to very few public demands and added the new non-member White Witch/Warlock armor, the demonic devourer and more!

It is kinda crummy Non-Members were only so lucky as to have about five new items, but hey, we DO pay for their play time.
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Para-Elemental Paradise!
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