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 What Drakath May Drop In The Future

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PostSubject: What Drakath May Drop In The Future   Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:31 am

I think from looking at his scenes and hismelf that I know what he will drop in the future.

Drakath;s Armor - Avatar Equip
Drakath's Sword - Avatar Equip
Drakath's Cape - Avatar Equip
Drakath Morph - Avatar Equip
Drakath Dark Morph - Avatar Equip
Drakath's Sword in Ground - House Item
Drakath's Chair - House Item
Chaos Beast Wheel - House Item

Yes I do not have an exact name for the ancient wheel that glows when a Chaos Beast is awakened. But I DO know that Drakath has possibilities of dropping all these items. So be prepared to pwn!
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What Drakath May Drop In The Future
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