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 Necromacer Out Now and Vampire Hunter Out Soon!

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PostSubject: Necromacer Out Now and Vampire Hunter Out Soon!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:36 pm

Necromancer is out now! You can get it in the enhancment shops in PTR. Unfrotunatly tis as good as a no class with armor over it on a live server. Heres the deal with Necromancer:

Desc- A PTR-only preview of the upcoming Necromancer class. This class will not have abilities on Live servers, ad will be disabled when PTR testing is complete.

Disabled means you will be able to wear it just not use skills until it actually comes out. Do not feel discouraged!

Also it is rumored that a new class called Vamprie Hunter will be coming soon!
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Necromacer Out Now and Vampire Hunter Out Soon!
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