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 Merry Frostval - Secrets Revealed Especially For You!

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PostSubject: Merry Frostval - Secrets Revealed Especially For You!   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:35 am

First of all for the member we cut right to Tinsel. She is in Battleon but in Battleon she won't offer you a present. So like most heros of an entire world full of Musicia Pirates, Giant Man-Pigs and Chaos Lords, you have to climb a tree with snow on it for a present. Climb first tree you appear near in the Northlandlight area and climb it in a pacman going upwards way.

The Major Moglin has a new dazzling array of gold gold gold! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Hermit's will seek him, poor will threaten him, heros will purchase it for not that reasonable prices!

Oh and heres your cheeky cheats:

Chapter 1 - Stolen by the big snowman of the snowpath area!

Chapter 2 - Click the sock on the fireplace in Yulgars!

Chapter 3 - On the ground in Battleontown!

Chapter 4 - Fight a Sneevil Toy Maker in the factory!

Chapter 5 - Fight the Santy Claws Moglinster in the Northlandlight area!

Chapter 6 - Go back to Battleontown and click the non-winged Golden Moglin Decoration!

Chapter 7 - Go to the Major Moglin!

There you go! Well littlebigplanet released water and i'm working on a level so byebye!



(Seriously I am a golden knight now! Even though it was a play on Doomknight my amror is made of GOLD!)
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Merry Frostval - Secrets Revealed Especially For You!
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