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 Memory Lane

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PostSubject: Memory Lane   Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:41 pm

As 2009 comes to and end we remember good old times we had this year.

Ballyhoo came to AQW!
Housing came!
Four lords of chaos were revealed!
Sepulchure was killed and Alteon was injured by Drakath!
We won the sneevil war by defeating over a million sneevils in less than 20 hours!
Doomknight was released!
Alpha Necromancer was released!
1st Upholders were given special items for their support!
Frostvale came!
Mogloween offered some new treats!
Cadbury the moglin came back with her eggs!
Some fools gave us the April Fools day shop!
Artix, Twilly and Zorbak went to Japan!
Stats and PvP were tested!
Cysero had a son called Jack!
Arachnomancer was released!
Summer 09 was celebrated!
And many other things were celebrated!

And now we reveal to you, personally, how Drakath became his powerful chaotic self!

He was offered to be the Champion of Chaos! Meaning he ruled over chaos. People who have completed the "Sinister 7" quest in Adventurequest would know this!

Its been a heck of a year and we can't deny it! Happy 2010!
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Memory Lane
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