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 Pixeljunk Shooter - Video Collection!

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PostSubject: Pixeljunk Shooter - Video Collection!   Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:30 pm

That's right! My youtube account - habbototaladdict45 - will be starting a collection of videos about Pixeljunk Shooter. This is the first game that allows you to record your gameplaying and upload it to youtube without leaving the game!

For my first video of how to defeat the first boss search this on youtube:

Pixeljunk Shooter - 1st Boss - Giant Spitter

That video search will give you an awesome video of seeing my gaming skills! I didn't lose a life! Wel I can lose a life, it's just I have to try not to when making a video because, do you ever see soemone failing on a youtube video about games? Didn't think so.

These uploadings that an extremely long time so you have to be patient. They will take less than a day though, probably 20-45 minutes in uploading.

These are the only videos that I can get on youtube, when I made a WMM video at first it worked, my frist video, but then poof it wouldn't work anymore so this is my only chance of getting videos on, sorry, I had loads of good vids to show.


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Pixeljunk Shooter - Video Collection!
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