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 Facing the Fruit Tree!

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PostSubject: Facing the Fruit Tree!   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:46 pm

Hello it is good to be back and in the year of 2010. I was testing a game in testing a game in Japan for a few days. But hey I still provide! I can never tell anyone about these games yet though, or else i'll lose my job.


First off the areas: Kingcoal, Northlandlight, Northlands and Moutnfrost will be staying but Frostvale has disappeared.

There are tons of new quests that Ai No Miko has for you (TOP SECRET: Ai No Miko is Ai No Miko!)

And theres a new shop which involves Ai No Miko's Father's robes, a Waynudo Wheel, a Tiger for the Year of the Tiger and more.

Along with new areas: Bamboo and Junkyard

Also the fox morph and fox armor that we seen with Beleen using has been released. Youkono.


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Facing the Fruit Tree!
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