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 The Ranking System

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PostSubject: The Ranking System   Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:05 pm

The rank system is to show what role you play in the clan so only official clan members will have the rank. The ranks are as follows:

-- This is the person incharge of the whole site - only Marpo has this rank. He is first in command.

-- These people are incharge of the various games we partacipate in - Eg. Mark looks after BattleOn! Games. They are also second in command.

-- These people moderate the forums in their catergory and help out their Beta Wolf.

-- These show you how people normally play online in Call of Duty.

-- This is for normal clan members. Also used if you use always use different playing styles online in CoD.

-- This is for Trainees while they are being testing for entry to the clan.

REMEMBER! You MUST respect higher ranks*. If you think they are being unfair then report to a moderator.

*Assault, ghost, sniper and shielder ranks are equal.
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The Ranking System
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