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 Remember remember the month of December?

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PostSubject: Remember remember the month of December?   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:22 am

Hey, remember in around December when I said Vampire Hunter class will be coming out soon? Well it is coming out soon! My best guess is if you join the Lycan then you will recieve a vampire hunter pack in Darkovia. Trust me, you may also be able to turn into a Werepyre too. It's my latest armor in AQ!
And to get it you may fight our old friend, Wolfwing!

Anyway moving on to the release...

We just got into Darkovia's gate, to some of you it may seem creepy, but i'm all game for Lycan vs. Vampire! The first chapter is for when you get to the gate only, we enter Darkovia next week.

On sunday don't forget to catch the exclusive SUPERBOWL XLIV HALF-TIME SHOP! This will contain Waterhorse gear and Angels gear!

Punt Twilly game now has an achievment, punt the little moglin 100 yards to get an achievment!



Now that just sounded like a monster from Aq. Hmm... Ah here we go!

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Remember remember the month of December?
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