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 A long post!

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PostSubject: A long post!   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:42 pm

Ok first of all we have the new war boss that has come out since we shooped the vampires back to their castle! The new war boss is a boss named Edvard which is a refrence to Edward from Twilight. He drops as followed:
Edvard/Beluah Outfit
Edvard's Face (CC)
Edvard's Face
Evard's Shiny Face (CC)
Vampiric Nightshade
Blade of Discord
Incandus Fulminatus

And following that note Quibble Coinbiter is still in town for a limited time only, new house items have been released in the war feild shop and since the vampires lost, their shop will cost AC.

Choco-bunny is the latest non-member pet that eveyrone can see transform at your command. He can be recieved by purchasing an ultimate game card and using it to upgrade or recieve AC on your AdventureQuest Worlds account. He transforms into a monster bunny, thats three times as big and delecious!

Tercessuinotlim has returned after it's short break away from the game, it is unknown why it disappeared but it is mostly probably due to bugs.

Twilight has been expanded, with some rearin new quests and a rearin new boss. The new expansion command is (/join tunnel-####) and it leads to Darkovia. Cool! But seriously the boss is all we want! He drops as followed:

Creeper Skin
Creeper Face
Creeper Guard
Creeper Crown
Creep Blade
Creeper Leg
Creeper Dagger
Mini Creeper

The name of this new boss is Cadaverous Creeper, a giant red exo-skeleton who can really show us what a giant mutant bug with two heads can do!

Watch out for the Creeper Skin, since it is a good new drop that will drop after your first five kills most likely, and it looks really cool.

That is all for now and thanks for using Pride of the Alpha Wolves
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A long post!
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