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 Your Special Look

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PostSubject: Your Special Look   Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:08 pm

Do you have a special look that no-one else has on AQW? Then show us the screen shots or a link to your character page.

Here's mine:

1. Goku look - Not that origional but I still like it. Sometimes I use the Soul Nuke but unarmed is awesome on PTR. Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting.
2. Mech Look/Skullcrusher Armor - Obvious to what it is about.
3. Dragon Rocket - What can I say. It's a dragon head on a rocket. Nuff said.
4. Ninja - Again obvious.
5. Prismatic Draconian - Obvious again. The weapon is the Bloodgrove.
6. Werepyre - Prismatic Draconian with werewolf morph helm.
7. Werewolf/Lycan - My own origional look that I have used since I became a founder. Weapon from the Vampire shop. Used to use Unarmed.
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Your Special Look
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