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 Eggstremely Eggstreme Easter Eggstravagnsa

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PostSubject: Eggstremely Eggstreme Easter Eggstravagnsa   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:47 pm


I'm going to be lazy in this post so here is the actual design notes post,

AQW Design Notes wrote:
It’s that time of year again: Grenwog! Last year’s egg-laden holiday is being re-released along with Seasonal Rare Items, monsters, and quests that only happen during the 1st Sunday of April (or in AQW, the first week’s release in April)! If you missed out on last year’s Easter event, now is your chance to relive it. Get your hands on 12 Grenwog Seasonal Rares and prepare yourself for the mutated egg-laying rabbit holiday with:

•Eggstreme Egg Beater 10
•Vorpal Bunny 10
•Transforming Berzerker Bunny Spear 10
•Berserker Bunny Armor 10
•And many more Seasonal Rares!
Most of this loot can be obtained by completing quests from the Vorpal Bunny and the egg-hunting Cabdury moglin…rabbit…thing… within town, who offers you a Seasonal Item Shop. And 2 super rare surprises drop from the overpowered Grenwog beast himself… if you are lucky enough to defeat him!

Whassit? The Mini Grenwog Pet, you say? For all you rare-hunting-hunters out there, I have good news (and for everyone else, it’s probably bad): the Mini Grenwog Pet has gone PERMA RARE! This means that the Grenwog boss no longer drops his Grenwog’s Tooth (the item that transformed into the mini pet last year). However, there are a lot more teeth in that mouth of his, and if you happen to get Grenwog’s Other Tooth, make sure you keep it, because it will turn into something rare this year too. But what it is, I cannot tell you. Yes I know what it will be. But I’m not sayin’ =p
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Eggstremely Eggstreme Easter Eggstravagnsa
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