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PostSubject: SAVE MARK PROJECT!   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:51 pm

Ok i'm still in that blasted Dracowerepyres stomach! I hate it here, he barely eats people food and it's starting to stink! So lets knock him down once and for all!

How do you save me? Heres how!

1. Pick a fight with the nasty!
2. If you don't scream and run away get your finger ready on the PrtSc/SyRq button.
3. Take a screenshot of a once in a lifetime epic win!
4. Post it to SaveMarkProject@gmail.com

Now heres what you are allowed to do!

1. You are allowed edit the picture on paint or using another program.
2. You are allowed edit it so NPCs, Monsters, characters or your friends are in the picture.
3. You are allowed edit out names above your and the dracowerepyres head, along with your friend.
4. You are allowed edit the background.
5. You are allowed add text to your picture.

Now heres what you are NOT allowed to do!

1. You are not allowed add cursing, or use cursing in the picture.
2. You are not allowed add any secual content or inappropriate scenery.
3. Your are not allowed inolve abuse to any other player or Artix Entertainment.
4. You are not allowed involve any abuse against Pride of the Alpha Wolves.
5. You are not allowed show any signs of racism.

So get going! I think I smell garlic coming down!


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PostSubject: Re: SAVE MARK PROJECT!   Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:59 am

What are you on about? Is this like a competition? I'm conflused.

BTW I'll let you find the typo in your post that I saw.
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