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 PvP! That means ROYAL RUMBLE!

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PostSubject: PvP! That means ROYAL RUMBLE!   Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:34 pm

Well the design notes have been updated and as usual I'll be lazy a just quote the design notes. So here you go.

AQW Design Notes wrote:
PvP Preview, Chaos Lord fight, New Items, and more!
Heya folks! There is so much going on in tonight’s release that I don’t wanna keep you occupied here when you can be experiencing…

Player vs Player Combat!

That’s right! Tonight’s main event is the Darkovian PvP battleground map where you and your friends can duel it out in our FIRST EVER Player vs Player arena. Dumoose, the Master of PvP Warfare in Battleon, will instruct you with everything you need to know about PvP. He also has some quests for you that will unlock another AQW first: the Werepyre Slayer Set!

This entire set can be obtained by turning in Combat Trophies from your PvP battles. Only the strongest—and most committed—heroes will be lucky enough to equip the entire Werepyre Slayer set. Read more about PvP and the new PTR releases in the AQW Player Handbook.

And just so you know, this PvP Preview is currently Members Only. But with the help of Rixty, upgrading your account is easier than ever… especially since the Rare Rixty Ripper Scythe can be yours when you become a Member. You can find a Rixty card dealer near you and join us tonight for PvP Combat while wielding the Rixty Ripper!

New PTR Weapons
Celebrate the release of the PTR with an entire shop dedicated to PTR items! Literally. A shop full of incredibly dangerous weapons whose initials spell out P-T-R! It is confirmed that these items are RARE and will only be available during this week’s release. These cleverly named PTR weapons include:

•Precise Talisman of the Ranger
•Precision Tachi of the Remarkable
•Pheonix Temper and Revenge
•Prized Tomahawk of the Revered
•Peace Terminating Rifle
•Prestigious Tanking Roundhead
•And the Plundered Tarnished Rapier
This shop also sells 2 brand-new PvP Amulets. The Copper PvP Amulet offers you an additional 500 health in battlegrounds while the Bronze one gives you +650 health. These necklaces are a great investment for all PvP battles… and reflect your great fashion sense, too!

Chaos Lord Wolfwing!
Not a member? Not a problem! We still love ya, so to show our thanks, we’re letting you fight the latest Chaos Lord! But uhhhh he’s bigger and badder than ever. Since the PTR release, Wolfwing is furious at all the new changes and bugs that we’ve squashed, and he’s ready to take his revenge out on you! (told ya we loved you!) If you hope to survive this encounter (and furthermore, hope to save Darkovia from his wrath), you will have to team up to take down this brute.

Need a hint? Make sure you have a healer in your group! And good luck to you all—you’re ganna need it!

Now that I have flooded the Design Notes yet again with a monsoon of PINK, it’s time for you to EXP the release! Have a great weekend, and battle on!
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PvP! That means ROYAL RUMBLE!
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