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 Decoding the System!

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PostSubject: Decoding the System!   Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:16 am

Ever wonder how Dwakels get the crystaline productations to make their techology? Ever wonder what Yulgar does to make his secret smoothies? Well. You can find out now. Is Yulgar a moglin murderer? Are dragons a primary source of crystals? Find out the truth!


Dwakel Decoder = Enter the red barn in the Dwakel Crash Site and press the red button on the boiler to obtain this item. Can be equipped.

Secret Recipe = Enter Yulgar's Cellar and try to find a scroll at the bottom of a coat rack. HAs an equip button but cannot be equipped.

These may very well hold the secret to entering J6's Starship Forcefeild.
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Decoding the System!
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