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 Littlebigplanet 2 Officially announced!

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PostSubject: Littlebigplanet 2 Officially announced!   Fri May 14, 2010 7:35 am

We took tens of materials, hundreds of objects, tonnes of costumes, a boy sewn from sack and a blank canvas and created over two million levels. We made so much in so little but our creative powers had a three layer limit. Even if we wanted to create a levl with dancing sackboy look-a-like robots we couldn't. Until now.

Littlebigplanet 2 is the news thats sweeping the nation as it is a more simplified and advanced version of what we know and love.

The game will offer a more unique point of view on sackboy's ability to create things from thin air. It will range from just objects and material to sackbots and cirquit boards. The imgination races from transport tubes to car races.

The lighting and HD effects have been brushed up a bit and those two million you levels you made? Still there and looking better than ever!

Littlebigplanet 2 will feature more than we could ever imagine and more than imagination could ever offer us.

Now we can make giant or tiny sackboy robots that can follow us, avoid us and even dance.

We are now going to have more F-U-N that we can fit in a P-O-D!

If you want a good game, no no, a good PLATFORM FOR GAMES, then get Littlebigplanet 2!
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Littlebigplanet 2 Officially announced!
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