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 Playstation Home Run!

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PostSubject: Playstation Home Run!   Thu May 20, 2010 4:58 pm

PlaystationHome is so excited about the hearings of Littlebigplanet 2 that they have released a Littlebigplanet Playground where you can enter a room with "The Creator" and make custom wallpapers with your friends. Or buy the Littlebigplanet POD Apartment and make your own wallpaper on your own with way more of a selection of stickers and background. There is lots of prizes to win including two trophies. Here is how you win the prizes and what you win!

Cloth Bush - Complete Snap Happy on easy mode.
Wool Tree - Complete Snap Happy on medium mode.
Snap Happy Trophy - Complete Snap Happy on hard mode.
Wallpaper Creator Trophy - Save a Wallpaper at the Wallpaper creator to your XMB whilst the maximum amount of stickers is placed.

Littlebigplanet Town - Create a wallpaper on your own and save it to your XMB.
Cloud - Rotate your POD all the way around the bedroom.
Sackboy Mat - Enter the Personal Space.
Littlebigplanet House - Have two people in the apartment at one time.
Littlebigplanet Green/Blue Checkered Cloth Cubes - Have five people in the apartment at one time.
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Playstation Home Run!
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