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 Which is better? You or a Chaos Lord?

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PostSubject: Which is better? You or a Chaos Lord?   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:01 pm

Which is better? You or a Chaos Lord? There's only one way to find out. FIGHT!!!

Well only if your a member until next week.

Anyway, since Mark seems to have forgotten to post, I will. Simples.

Okay, so today is a big release day.

- There are a few new items in the player suggestion shop in battleon.
- The chaos lord fight starts today for members. Drops some AWESOME gear (see below).
- The 2nd upholders have gotten their starswords, me and Mark included.
- Founders also got an onyx amoured platinum dragon.
- The Upholder items are all AC, including the Golden Starsword. Free storage.
- Last week for Mogloween.
- The first AQ novel is available on Heromart (already ordered mine).
- The novel contains a code for items for all games (Crystal Seed Runed Staff in AQW).
- Heromart also contains 100 limited Twilly plushies for $10 (tempted to get one myself).
- Bladehaven is now available for all players

Chaos Lord Ledgermayne

Some Ledgermayne Drops

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Which is better? You or a Chaos Lord?
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